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Gabriel Velez, CPA, EA

Gabriel Velez's Picture

As a fully licensed Certified Public and Accountant and Partner at Tehrani & Velez, LLP, Gabe has provided invaluable tax and advisory services to his clients for over a decade. Through this time he has successfully represented taxpayers before the IRS through collections, audits, and appeals. He has also prepared and reviewed thousands of individual income tax returns, corporate income tax returns, and partnership income tax returns. He is also able to provide tax audit representation and sales tax representation. 


Gabriel holds a bachelor’s in business economics from the University of California, Irvine.


Gabe’s professional passion lies in assisting business owners through their entrepreneurial journey, as the scale a successful business, accumulate wealth through real estate, and plan their exit from the day-to-day grind. His clientele comes from many different industry backgrounds, including real estate investing, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, and legal. Gabe has a dedicated team that he works with, and their mission is to provide transparency in your business through strategic financial planning and management. 


When he’s not assisting clients he’s spending time in Fullerton, CA where he resides with his lovely wife Cassandre and daughter Audrey and Emilia.

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