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At Tehrani & Velez, LLP (T&V), we know that different industries have different accounting requirements and tax regulations. Whether you need help with compliance or planning, our team has the resources and experience to help you.

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Retail business have unique planning opportunities. 

State and Local taxes are of particular concern to this industry being that they must deal with Sales Tax depositing and filing compliance.  Compliance has been further complicated with the growing popularity of e-commerce.

From an accounting perspective, business must have adequate record to keep track of their purchases, cost of goods sold, sales tax collected, and much, much more.


The restaurant and hospitality industries have their own set of tax planning opportunities.  

State and Local taxes are of particular concern to this industry being that they must deal with Sales Tax filing compliance.   

From an accounting perspective, businesses must have someone with enough accounting knowledge that can verify integrations with POS systems and General Ledger accounting.


Businesses in the construction industry deal with unique issues and have unique tax planning opportunities.

On the accounting side, tracking job profitability is necessary if you want to understand your company's financial performance.

Cash management is paramount to keeping the organization healthy.


Domestic manufacturing businesses carry with them tremendous tax planning opportunities  that most small to medium-sized businesses aren't taking advantage.  

On the accounting side, manufacturers must keep track of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods in order to properly calculate financial standing and performance.

Further, cash management is paramount in keeping the organization healthy.


Real estate is a powerful wealth building tool that brings with it some awesome tax advantages.  As an investor in real estate, you require a professional tax firm who can advise you through the tax implications of your transactions, so you can adequately analyze them and make decisions.  Further, if you raise private capital from multiple investors, you need someone who is an expert in partnerships (and LLCs taxed as partnerships).


As a healthcare professional you have gone through extensive education and specialized training to learn how to take care of your patients and their conditions.  The last thing you want to do is spend extra time researching the ever-changing and confusing tax laws or preparing financial statements.  At T&V we understand your industry and can provide you with the information you need to make decisions and get back to your practice and patients.

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